Tiffany Carmona


Im Tiffany, Founder of The Drink Fairy LLC. 

I've been in the service industry for more than 20 years and decided to become by own boss in 2018

When people think of The Drink Fairy, I want them to remember the experience they had with our services. 

An experience they had that will last them a lifetime. 

The Drink Fairy LLC  provides TABC certified bartenders and wait staff attendants for wedding receptions, private parties, corporate events, birthdays, reunions and any type of social event.

The Drink Fairy adds attentive service, a professional presentation and the right kind of flair for your event. 

​We know the importance of getting the most for your money in today's economy and offer competitive pricing.


 My mom is knowledgeable about her craft and creative with the services she is able to provide her clients.  For her to teach her staff about what she knows is inspiring. I want to carry out her vision for this business and teach others what we know as well. I take pride in what we do and know it shows through our service. 

Tasia-Lyn Gasper

-Team Captain